The role of community managers in the communication strategy

With the really important development of internet, new jobs appeared. Zoom on the community manager.

What is a community manager?

A community manager is someone who is engaged by a company to manage social media and brand image on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of social networks.

His objective is to bring together most internet users in community welded. He regroups people around mutual interests, brands, products or values.


What does a community manager do?

The community manager developed the notoriety of the brand on the web. He animates social media while answering to all questions, suggestions or observations of consumers. Thanks to him, a society can control exchanges on social networks.

He writes posts, edit visual matter and follow the editorial slant to create brand content.

His missions are:

  • Ensure the management and monitoring of social networks
  • Understand and master the web’s writing
  • Manage site referencing

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  1. socialbeasts dit :

    Awesome article ! I have a question, do you think Community Management is really efficient for companies to improve their communication and change their brand image?

    Aimé par 2 personnes

    1. Carla b. dit :

      Yes because, today everyone is on a social network so with community management, companies can touch a really large target with it. Concerning their brand image, if they have a problem, like Volkswagen few years ago, they can rebound quickly and explain the situation to their customers.

      Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Célia Poletti dit :

    Hi! Your article is very interesting but, is there limit of the community manager’s role ?

    Aimé par 2 personnes

    1. Carla b. dit :

      Community managers are really free in their job. They must have to respect the editorial slant defined by the mark, but, obviously, they can’t injure, discriminate people etc…


  3. Prof Laizeau dit :

    Interesting article. How many community managers do big multinational companies have?


    1. Carla b. dit :

      Against all odds, only 10% work in big companies. Almost half working in small and medium enterprises.



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